Excellence and Innovation

We are pioneers in the use of drone technology for industries including mining, construction, real estate and energy.

Why Hire Us
We, at AERO 360 International, seek to provide businesses an accurate and reliable integrated drone solutions for data acquisition, data processing and data management.

Cutting-Edge Technology

More than 50% of our fleet was built in-house, further demonstrating our technical acumen in drone technology. These drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras, Thermal cameras, NDVI, LiDAR, Echo-Sounders and other sensors to make sure we have accurate and high-quality data for our clients.

Gathered data is analyzed and interpreted using a sophisticated processing system that companies can access online or through a mobile application.

AERO 360 adheres to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines’ Rules and Guidelines for Unmanned Aerial Systems to ensure safety of public and property protection. We deploy industrial-grade drone technologies to ensure that it can perform even in critical operations.

Technical Expertise

AERO 360 takes pride in employing a team of experts in drone technology, engineering and risk management.

We have licensed pilots and trained camera operators who make sure that data gathering is implemented safely and efficiently.

We have a team of professional engineers, licensed thermographers, and experienced technicians who ensure the data accuracy and data quality through proper methodologies and deployment strategies.

We have risk management experts who are experienced in mitigating critical risks and business challenges across various industries.

Accurate Data is King.

Companies need accurate information in order to make intelligent business decisions to ensure the optimal efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness of their projects and initiatives.

We hear you.

We, at AERO 360 International, seeks to provide businesses an accurate and reliable integrated drone surveys and inspection solutions in the ASEAN.

While based in the Manila, Philippines, AERO 360 International lends its industrial expertise through its team of experts, cutting-edge technology, and solid years of experience. We make sure that businesses are equipped with the right information for project documentation, risk management, project assessment and reporting, and cost control.

Why Hire Us?


Manila Office:
+63 2 532 1159 ; +63 915 326 AERO (2376)
008 F. Pasco Avenue
Barangay Santolan, Pasig City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Singapore Office:
Aero 360 International Pte. Ltd.
Tel. No. 6225 2025 ; Fax No. 6225 2042 10 Anson Road, #10-11,
International Plaza,
Singapore 079903

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