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Explore new spaces, acquire and analyze geodata, or bring your visual ideas to life in exciting ways with our robotics, software and engineering solutions.


Get decision-ready data with our end-to-end services for data acquisition, processing, management and analysis. LEARN MORE


Geospatial Survey

A faster, safer and more accurate alternative to conventional ground-based surveying

Geo Technics

Get detailed subsurface images for depths of up to 100 feet in a nondestructive way

Radio Frequency Testing

Conduct RF Testing from new vantage points using drones


Bring visual ideas to life with drones and robotics in cinema and entertainment

Why Aero360?

We are a team of experts in robotics, software and engineering who take pride in the caliber of our people, our standards and methodologies.
Our ability to execute projects according to the highest levels of safety and professionalism
has earned us the trust of some of the largest companies in the Philippines.


AERO 360 adheres to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines’ Rules and Guidelines for Unmanned Aerial Systems


We employ licensed engineers, seasoned analysts and certified experts in drones, robotics, and risk management


Continuous study and testing new tools and technologies is paramount. More than 80% of our fleet are purpose-built in-house with specialized sensors and equipment.

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