Business Impact

Increased Operational Efficiency

Surveys and inspections sometimes require companies to shut down operation for a number of  hours or even days. By using drones instead of traditional means, there is zero operational downtime, which means there will be no financial losses while survey and inspection is being conducted.

Since drones will be deployed for the survey and inspection, human exposure to hazards/risks will also be lowered.

Increased Risk Assessment and Risk Control Capability

Aero 360 provides a qualitative and quantitative data that allows clients to conduct a more comprehensive risk assessment. This facilitates to better project management and cost control.

Increased Accuracy in Data Gathering and Data Processing

AERO 360’s team of industrial experts ensure the data accuracy and data quality through proper methodologies and deployment strategies. We deploy drones that are equipped with high-resolution cameras, Thermal cameras, NDVI, LiDAR, Echo-Sounders and other sensors to ensure accurate and high-quality data. Gathered data is analyzed and interpreted using a sophisticated processing system that your company can access online or through a mobile application.

Increased Cost-Efficiency

Drone solutions can lower costs to more than 50% as compared to conventional survey and inspection methods.


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