Four Important Ways Drones Are Changing the Mining Landscape

Mining companies need accurate information to they can make smart business decisions.

Often, it takes a lot of manpower to gather data, not to mention – it’s infrastructure-heavy and time consuming. Some mining areas are considered critical, and can pose safety risks for staff members when conducting surveys and inspections.

Consequently, the current mining situation in the Philippines calls for faster, safer and more accurate data acquisition. Drone solutions company AERO 360 International aims to assist mining companies address key challenges through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

“Drones are great tools to use for survey and inspection activities for mining companies. They can gather data in a much faster and more cost-efficient way,” says Mark Villaflor, president and CEO of AERO 360 International. “The data gathered is also more accurate and detailed, as compared to traditional methods.”

Villaflor adds that data gathered from drones can be utilized for the whole life cycle of mining, from exploration to production and finally to closure and post mining land use.

Here are the top four ways drones are changing the game for mining companies:

  1. Data is more accurate.

AERO 360 uses industrial-grade drones that are powerful enough to carry heavy payloads. The drones with high-tech sensors like the NDVI and Lidar, and also thermal cameras, are used get the best quality of data possible.

For example, drones with Lidar can map out potential access corridors for exploration and expansion of areas. It can also be used for volume calculation of stock piles.

  1. Surveys and inspections are conducted faster.

Mining surveys and inspections are critical business processes, which is why AERO 360 has industrial experts, from engineering to risk management to drone deployment, who will make sure methodologies and strategies are done properly.

“We’re not drone hobbyists. Our team has undergone extensive training and certifications to make sure we can do our jobs well and serve our clients better,”

  1. Data can be mobile.

Mining data is processed and analyzed using a sophisticated software, which can be accessed online or through a mobile app.

“Decision-makers can look at critical data in real-time, through they computer, tablets or smartphones,”  explains Villaflor.

  1. It’s cheaper to implement.

Drone solutions can lower costs to more than 50% as compared to conventional survey and inspection methods.

Villaflor says, “Mining companies can conduct the same processes, get more information, for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.”

Accurate data is king. It can help mining companies make better choices and find out how they can best utilize their resources according to the current risks and opportunities.

“In the end, it’s a race to getting the most accurate data the most efficient, safest way possible. We can help you do that,” Villaflor ends.

Source: Philippine Resources


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