Thermal Inspection

Good for: structural integrity inspection; power grid inspection, We use thermal cameras and sensors to inspect structures and identify critical threats to health, safety and cost-efficiency.

RF (Radio Frequency) Inspection

Good for: broadcast and telecommunication towers; defense

Security Surveillance and Monitoring

Good for: gathering intelligence, asset protection and monitoring UAVs presents an easier, faster and cheaper method of security surveillance.

Crop Inspection and Monitoring

Good for: identifying problem areas in farmlands; monitor crop growth Gathered data from our drones can be turned into a time-series animation to show changes in the crop or agricultural lands.

Plant/Building Inspection and Monitoring

Good for: structural integrity inspection of real estate structures. We developed a solution that could monitor the integrity of any structure or asset using robotics equipped with Infrared Cameras and High-Resolution Cameras, which is less risky and more cost-efficient than traditional methods.

Project Inspection and Monitoring

Good for: construction sites, mining sites, powerplants,  We can assist in inspecting projects for quality assurance and environmental compliance.


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